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Bonga Online Description

Step into the tropical and relaxing world of this free-to-play online game. Control your workers and get the job done, but at your own leisurely pace and without any rush.


Bonga Online is a free-to-play, browser-based online game that will take you to a warm tropical island where you can create your own world around you. You will play the role of an island spirit and control your own bongies, which will help you build your island up and create the island paradise you have always been searching for.

In Bonga Online, it is important that you gather and collect the various resources on your island. It is as simple as clicking on a palm tree and having your bongie get it down. Resources play an important role as they will be needed to construct new buildings or upgrade existing ones. However, bongies can sometimes have a mind of their own and will not always do what you wish immediately. On the other hand, you can speed up their work by using energy… but you will have to use it wisely, because once it is gone, it will take a while to charge back up.

As you build up your island paradise in Bonga Online, you will collect experience points. You need to collect experience points to raise your level and each time your gain another level, you will get more energy and your bongies will get used to it. Pay attention to the level of mojo you have as well – if your mojo isn’t high enough, your bongies will become unmotivated and slow.

The paradise world of Bonga Online is online is available to you anytime and anywhere that you have an online connection and a Flash-enabled browser. Log in and enjoy the slow-paced life as you control your bongies as an island spirit.

by Kyle Hayth

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